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WE Curate: The Other Hundred


In the spotlight now is the power of photography, as The Other Hundred, a global initiative to highlight the lives of the humble but significant, unveils its exhibition in Hong Kong later this week. This serves as a counterpoint to the countless rich lists that are constantly making headlines, such as Forbes 100, Bloomberg billionaires, etc. all of which suggest that wealth is the one key to life. The response was overwhelming, with over 12,000 images submitted by amateur and professional photographers from 156 countries. 100 winning photo-stories, which cover 91 countries across 6 continents, will be compiled into a book, and displayed at Pacific Place on October 10-16, 2013.


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WE Postcard: Melbourne, Australia

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Theres a charming union of urban culture and the great outdoors in Melbourne, something that should never change.


WE World: Lagos, the African Way of Civilisation

Lagos, October 2011

After two years in and out of the third largest city in the world, Rem Koolhaas called the Nigerian wen something ‘at the forefront of a globalising modernity’: “Lagos is not catching up with us. Rather, we may be catching up with Lagos.” Constantly on its insane evolution hoping to strike off the notorious reputation as one of the least liveable city, Lagos itself is a soiled, earthly dream chaser; and Ren Wan witnessed from it Civilisation in the African Way.  Continue reading

Bao Steel,
Shanghai, 2005


One of the cradles of mankind, China has been through more than 5,000 years of evolution. From yellow ashes to grey forts, the civilisation China is a long and eventful story to tell. Continue reading

In Under 100%

In Under 100%

Over 90% of Modern China’s population is Han Chinese. That’s 1.2 billion people. It’s also 19% of the entire world’s population. Continue reading

Trading Places: Kashgar

Trading Places: Kashgar

Everyday at sunset, flocks of trained pigeons circle the Kashgar Old City. They fly over a maze of mud-brick houses, alleys filled with donkey carts, and old men in white and black skullcaps haggling over the price of melons. Continue reading

Shanghai’s streets of many names

Shanghai’s streets of many names

Shanghai maps out its future.

Regardless of its brazenly modern appearance and aspirations, Shanghai conjures up past images and accounts of adventure and intrigue for most foreigners. Many of these were probably no exaggeration, for Shanghai was a uniquely progressive, colourful, violent and unforgiving city. Continue reading