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WE Chronicle: La Perla defines sex appeal in Fall Winter with Spanish culture

La Perla defines sex appeal in Fall Winter with Spanish culture

Spain is known as a country full of deep desires and having a passion for life; these characteristics make one think of it as an emotional place before being a physical one. The “duende”, this Spanish land’s spirit, fires up La Perla’s F/W 2013 collection by conveying the Spanish soul’s rhythm where traditional and contemporary facets, art, and bullfighting combine. These strong themes transpire throughout the lace, tulle, and silk creations: the dramatic glamour of the “traje de luz,” the jacket worn by legendary bullfighters, the sensual pride exhibited by dancing bodies in a swirl of ruffles and fringes, the rose symbolizing lovers and poets, Alhambra’s Andalusian sweetness and Goya’s intense colours. The collection embodies the essence of a style that knows how to “play with fire” while preserving its elegance.

Leavers lace is accented with small dots inspired by traditional flamenco dresses, and is enhanced by macramé fans placed mischievously on necklines. Another Leavers lace features the elegance of Andalusian décor and, once more, a combination with macramé to create languid roses lying in seductive spots. Richly embroidered tulle resembling Moorish filigree cuts into these transparent textures. Sleepwear garments feature silk satin and chiffon, adorned with lace inserts and embroidery, which entwine over the silhouette.

Fans, roses, silk tassels, and small pompoms are inspirations drawn from matador’s jacket. These details inspire the round patterns used on the babydoll’s straps, and the use exclusive silk satin and tulle bodysuit. The ruffles featured in traditional costumes are uniquely revisited as details, such as in the lace ruffle outlining the transparent tulle bodysuit’s neckline. The long nightdress and the satin silk georgette night robe create a sense of drama and elegance with their large mantilla-style collars.
“Always the rose, always our north and south!” (Garcia Lorca). Prints that are a declaration of love, feature the rose shown in classic black/red or more romantic pink/skin tone on silk georgette sleepwear creations.