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WE Select: Quantum tap kicks your wasteful water use habit

The seemingly endless supply of tap water is the greatest and most tragic innovation of civilisation, leaving urbanites ignorant about what wasteful their water use habit is. The Quantum tap designed by Michael Scherger and Dennis Kulage will totally help you make things right. Continue reading

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The Art of Carpet

It’s everywhere, silently lying at the bottom of a spectacular space. But these days carpets represent more than like a piece of deco; the traditional fine craft is art. And this fascinating video reveals why Tai Ping, a historic carpet company from Hong Kong, is a master of it. Continue reading

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Wear WE Are: Remember Isabella Blow


This is a time of fashion blogalism, yet it is also a perfect time to remember the golden role model of all fashion journalists across the world. In whose blood fashion lived. With whom eccentric aesthetics conquered all creative fields. One who never didn’t see glamour, vanity and materialism in fashion; she simply embraced herself with fun, extremity and passion. Isabella Blow, the late British patron of fashion and art.

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WE Chronicle: Iris van Herpen embodies wilderness



Iris van Herpen does not just move a step forward, but rather attempt to take a leap of faith. Her designs are more than quirky, has a idiosyncratic twist to each piece, playing with the body, not necessarily accentuating the subject as a compliment of the human form. Continue reading

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WE Chronicle: ‘Bending Lamp’ by Ministry of Mass


Ministry of Mass, is a rising design collective that bring sustainable furnishings with the purpose of being long-lasting and multifaceted, to adapt to the contemporary lifestyle of city dwellers who are challenged with special inequality.

Their minimalist-yet-organic ‘Bending Lamp’ draws inspiration from nature, dangling much like a tree branch, also in resemblance of a light ornament falling effortless on the trim of a blue spruce.

The design reassures you that the device is persistent – “beech wood secured to a concrete base with a single steel connector and three bolts.” As it borrows essences of the two radical forms in design, the lamp complements practically any space, easily blending in with your cozy one-person living room, or next to the bed of your pre-schooled child.

Simple things make wonders.

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WE Curate: Walter Van Beirendonck’s retrospective in Melbourne


Because it is Walter Van Beirendonck, a fashion retrospective is not really about fashion. It’s about the world of a dreamer, who never sees clothing the way most designers does. It is about what comprises his absurd beauty and the endless fantasy. Like what the exhibition theme puts it, WVB dreams the world awake. Continue reading


WE Select: Water Bench changes the cityscape of Mumbai


The impression of a megacity clogged with dust, terrible traffic jams and deafening horns is about to change as sustainability and citizen-friendly designs are popping up in Mumbai. Earlier this week, Mars Architects, a Dutch-Chinese research and design firm based in Shanghai that focused on sustainable architecture and urban planning, unveiled Water Benches now installed in several parks in the Indian metropolis.

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