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Wear WE Are: Hira Shah’s Plastic Zeitgeist to Asian Dhoti

Call this an ode to traditional dhoti worn by villagers in Pakistan. It’s a regular piece of unstitched cloth wrapped around the waist, like a long skirt. Just that Hira Shah, London-based Pakistani designer, experimented with an unconventional kind of material – plastic.  Continue reading

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WE Curate: 75 Parisiennes by Baudouin


As we thought that our image of an effortless Parisian woman is more of an ideal, than what is in reality, French photographer Baudouin reminds us in his series ’75 Parisiennes’ that women in the city are somewhat different. These characters in his images do not conform, each figure subtly rebels against the stereotypes that our often and commonly associated. The elaborate setting of individual homes, from the décor to personalised items further showcases the unique features of their identity.

There might be more to it than merely a documentation on eccentric beings, but rather acts as a celebration of femininity through a man’s lenses.






WE Appetit: Good darkness

YHO visits a historic Chinese clinic and pick the good kind of darkness from the Chinese herbs. May good health be with you.  Continue reading

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Liberty Issue hits the shelf today!


It’s the best of times. It is the worst of times. It is the most perfect of times to rethink Liberty, given the crave to leave status quo behind us. This issue we take the conversation to new heights by exploring the definition of the very term in varied aspects; which results in a discovery of utopian pursuits.

The awakening to Liberty. To defy norms and pursue absolute freedom amidst the gigantic clockwork of globalisation. Inspirational ideas. Stories of rebels like Jesse Jo Stark, daughter of the Chrome Hearts founders. Because liberation from the confinement of status quo has always been the notion of fashion, WE looks back on history and pays utmost homage to Visionaries, past and present, influential in the evolution of vogue – ethical fashion tycoons like surprisingly CHANEL and Dame Vivienne Westwood. A parade of Innovative designs that challenge conventional silhouettes is curated to inspire awe.

Traditional, spiritual arts from Asian cultures that guide one to a peaceful state of mind. Exclusive interviews with influential rebels. Rediscoveries of intelligent designs that free us from the iron fist of technology. Far-reaching travel stories bring us to unexplored corners of the Earth including North Pole, West Africa and the celebrities’ favourite Musha Cay. These inspiring stories are paced and spread throughout this issue in a bold and unconventional style that is exquisitely defiant of the traditional boundaries of print media. This issue is curated to set you free.

Mark time no more. Be the change with WE now.


WE Curate: THINSPIRATION by Laia Abril


This is a fan zine by photojournalist and COLORS contributor Laia Abril, entitled THINSPIRATION.

The Pro-ana community has turned anorexia (Ana) into its dogma. They venerate the illness giving meaning to their totalitarian “lifestyle”. It’s a virtual reality where they state commandments, share motivating tricks and exchange hundreds of images of thin models via their blogs. They have created Thinspiration, a visual new language – obsessively consumed to keep on wrestling with the scales day after day. Now, they evolved interacting with their cameras portraying their bony clavicles or flat bellies; or consuming extreme anorexic images, the Pro-ana have made Thinspiration evolve. I re-take their self-portraits, photographing and reinterpreting their images from the screen, resulting the visual response to the bond between obsession and self-destruction; the disappearance of one’s own identity. The project is a personal and introspective journey across the nature of obsessive desire and the limits of auto-destruction, denouncing disease’s new risk factors: social networks and photography.



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Beyond the Last Sky- Palestinian Photography and Video

Both overshadowed and influenced by political chaos for years, the affluent artistic and cultural scene of Palestine comes to light. At “Beyond the Last Sky: Contemporary Palestinian Photography and Video” at Australian Centre of Photography, the country’s first exhibition solely dedicated to contemporary Palestinian art, WestEast saw a new accessible voice to diverse Palestinian stories, against mainstream media depictions. Continue reading

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WestEast Magazine Issue 37 | BLACK

Issue 37 | Black

Issue 37 BLACK is hitting the shelf. The idea came in spring when blooms of colours became too much. WE craved something dark, something with an attitude. Hence black – the colour symbolic of so many things, representing so much across cultures.  Continue reading

In Under 100%

In Under 100%

Over 90% of Modern China’s population is Han Chinese. That’s 1.2 billion people. It’s also 19% of the entire world’s population. Continue reading