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WE Postcard: Ghent, Belgium


If men in modern clothes and tram wires were gone, Ghent would have looked just like it was 200 years ago. One of the most precious medieval cities on earth, it preserves the best of its ancient look. Every rock on the roads and the walls speaks history. Sculptures all around the city centre are used to being touched by many from different times or even different centuries. The small city away from Brussels stays happily in the past – and the Ghents know very well those that stay are always the best. Vintage shops magnetises more people than the contemporary chain stores.

Mc Donald’s – the one and only in the city – may be not as popular as its peers in New York or London. As the first city to legislate the Vegetarian Day, the act to promote health and environmentalism is as basic as politeness. Every thursday restaurants unite for a campaign that proves vegetarianism is no asceticism. Any food – as long as it is natural and thoughtfully prepared – is a pleasure. A girl told me French fries with Mayonnaise are the best thing in the world.



Here the elderlies enjoy every sip of ice cream, leaving fancy chocolates to tourists. Kids in the weekends don’t really facebook – they throw themselves away on a merry-go-round. The old lady has been staring at the horse for ten minutes. I saw a sticker on the quiet train station: IT’S MY FAVOURITE WASTE OF TIME.



WE Chronicle. Crazy Horse in Hong Kong


Absolutely the best news in town – where the rain just falls forever!

For the first time, the stunning CRAZY HORSE PARIS will seduce Hong Kong audience in September, as one of the stops of their Forever Crazy International Tour, the ultimate cabaret entertainment experience of over six decades. 

On May 19th 1951, Alain Bernardin opens Le Crazy Horse. An avant-garde artist, and passionate admirer of women, he was fascinated by the United States and driven by a single idea: to make artistic creation and women the focus of his club. At that time it featured a succession of racy burlesque routines interspersed with musical or humorous interludes from variety artists. Always more than anything one may call it – a Crazy Horse Paris performance is a sexy but sophisticated avant-garde, a dance show but associated with many world famous artists’ names like Salvador Dalí – whose design ‘Mae West Lips Sofa’ is exclusively Crazy Horse’s, Christian Louboutin (who directed the ground-shaking 3D event film ‘FEU’) Frederick Wiseman who shot the probably most seductive documentary on earth. Noemie Lenoir will be on its stage in Paris this June.

It will greet Hong Kong audience From 11 to 19 September, 2013, at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Grab your saddle now.


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WE Share: Happy Birthday to W Hong Kong!


W Hong Kong is turning five and they’re sharing the happiness and joy together with Hong Kong people, throwing out luxuriant promotions! From May to August, W Hong Kong presents 5 irresistible packages to celebrate. Make sure you seize the chance and have fun.

Ever dreamt of being a celebrity? Getting all the gazes when you walk and talk? W Hong Kong’s first promotion named Starstruck package hits with 5 A-list benefits to make sure you shimmer in the spotlight. Partnered with the hip American footwear brand PONY International for the first time, W Hong Kong introduces a pair of exclusive sneakers valued up to HKD1,899 for their guests to rock their path. The colourful pattern, sparkling beads and the subtle W silvery logos will surely catch everyone’s eyes. Are you afraid of running out of stocks? Simply hit and pick your favourite! From head to toe, W Hong Kong never fails in giving you an all round experience. W guests will be welcomed by an Audi Q7 limousine in the big entrance, then a 65 square metres Fantastic Suite, enjoying the stunning harbour view. Dress up like a Hollywood star more easily with a discounted price at a top fashion brand. Don’t forget your tummy, feed it with the delicious breakfasts at the modern-bistro KITCHEN. All these only cost you HK$5,555 and 10% service charge (originally HK$12,580)!



You definitely need some refreshing pool party in summer, especially in Hong Kong. W Hong Kong is kicking off the most popular and fashionable pool parties from May to September, giving guests a summer blast. GET WET Summer Series 2013 offers you five poolside parties respectively on 18th May, 22nd June, 13th July, 10th August and 14th September, featuring electrifying DJ music, elevated dance performances and deluxe cocktails. With another promotion – the Summer Series: Rockstar package, guests can access one of the five parties as well as party at the Fantastic Suite. A mojito station will be all ready inside the suite. You don’t have to worry about running out of energy to go on for the next day because you will get recharged by a Sunday Brunch in KITCHEN. Continue to rock on WET at a price of HK$5,555 plus 10% service charge only. Instead if you want a good night rest at the Suite, W Hong Kong offers you an alternative with relaxing KITCHEN breakfasts for two – the Summer Series: Party On package at HK$4,555 plus 10% service charge. All things are the same with the Rockstar package except for the brunch.


If all the above aren’t your cup of tea, no worries, you still have the Rock Me Up package, reach out up to 10 friends to enjoy an incredible experience in the enchanting suites. This package is available starting from HK$6,888 plus 10% service charge. It works best for sweets lovers who crave for desserts as it offers a giant chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallow and doughnuts. No sweet? Okay, get the Califonia roll party where full of crab rolls, salmon rolls and you name it!

The remaining Anniversary VIPs are coming soon in June and July.
Please stay tuned and have a great time with W Hong Kong!

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WE World: Genesis


It was yet another  day spent by staring the screen. The information era has taught us to adventure within the frame of a smart phone, travel from one blog to another. Because the internet is (almost) boundless, a daily virtual journey is all we think we need to broaden our daily life. Nonetheless not a single virtual walk can ever take us far enough to reach the tail of Sebastiao Salgado’s. The best-loved photojournalist travelled to go back to the time when Earth was untouched by the upheaval of human civilisation – a time when the order of nature was violent but certain, the wild world uncultivated but beautiful.  Continue reading

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WE Postcard: Kathmandu, Nepal


There’s no concrete way to describe the feeling you get walking through the streets of Kathmandu. You feel as though you’re walking through a cloud of history, a still-frame in time.

Photography by Sarah Kohler


WE Postcard: Kolkata, India






This is Victoria Memorial, which is located in Kolkata, the former capital of British India. As the name suggests, it’s a memorial dedicated to the Empress of India, Queen Victoria. Currently, it serves as a museum and a tourist attraction. The large garden that accompanies the memorial is hugely popular on sunny days for both locals and visitors alike.


WE Appetit: Good darkness

YHO visits a historic Chinese clinic and pick the good kind of darkness from the Chinese herbs. May good health be with you.  Continue reading

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WE Postcard: New York, U.S.A.

A quiet look into the Upper West Side a bit of Central Park.
Photography by Sarah Kohler

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WE Neighbourhood: Prince Edward, Hong Kong

I wander with my my head in the clouds every now and then. I bathe in this luxury to calm my frayed nerves whenever I feel the need to take a break. It felt safe to be supposedly out of touch. Out of touch with the routine you’ve laid out- Escaping the mundane and being drawn by spontaneity. Freedom from the known- It was right there.

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Coco Collection Excursion Boatview - Emboodhoo

WE Globetrotter: Coco Collection leads an Earth Day example.

Coco Collection_Coco Prive Kuda Hithi Island_Exterior

The love-hate relationship between tourism and environment is hopefully close to an end. With the rise of hospitality groups switching to eco-friendly operations, eco-tourism is shaping the new travelling trend that puts an equal mark between luxury and eco-consciousness; and Coco Collection is a leading example that globetrotters must know. Continue reading

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