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WE Select: Quantum tap kicks your wasteful water use habit

The seemingly endless supply of tap water is the greatest and most tragic innovation of civilisation, leaving urbanites ignorant about what wasteful their water use habit is. The Quantum tap designed by Michael Scherger and Dennis Kulage will totally help you make things right. Continue reading

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The Art of Carpet

It’s everywhere, silently lying at the bottom of a spectacular space. But these days carpets represent more than like a piece of deco; the traditional fine craft is art. And this fascinating video reveals why Tai Ping, a historic carpet company from Hong Kong, is a master of it. Continue reading


WE Select: A ‘Light Ball’



This is the sort of thing you would ask yourself repeatedly of why you did not think about earlier. It literally is just a basketball hoop, but when transformed into a light fixture could shift its appearance with a minimalistic feel. This could have easily looked sloppy, but with some wit on measures to tug the unnecessary noise of the electrics, it has kept the design expensive.

The Light Ball is created by Ukrainian designer and architect, Andrey Privalov.


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WE Select: Mirror #180 by Halb/Halb


Berlin studio Halb/Halb has created a creased circular mirror that allows two people to see their reflection at the same time. Not a bad idea for us living in the city, who are either still stuck at home with parents, or avoiding to clash during morning hours while you queue impatiently at the toilet door, waiting for your roomies to hurry.

When you thought that this could not be better, designer duo Nikolaus Kayser and Nicole Losos pushed the envelope by making it multifunctional. If it happens that the other differs drastically in height, you could just simply tilt it, and when left unused, it could be used as home décor, as one side of it reflects the ceiling, and the other part in another area of the surrounding room.

berlindesign studiofurniturehalb/halbhomeminimalismminimalistmirrorNicole LososNikolaus Kayserproduct designreflection

WE Chronicle: Hermès Basketball


Everyone seems to be a collector of something, whether it is a deck of game cards, or an extravagant pair of shoes that the owner has meticulously preserved under layers of tissue paper.

To commemorate the re-opening of their lavish Beverly Hills boutique, iconic French label Hermés came up with the idea of fusing pop culture into luxury, by creating this only-two in the world edition of a bright blue calfskin basketball.

You can most certainly play with it on a court, but the focus tends more towards the symbol of power, to have ownership of something so grand. According to the brand, the rather unique item, which was produced under the special ateliers in Paris, speaks “the sky, the ocean and all the beautiful pools that are a way of life in L.A. and Southern California”.

We can definitely see anyone who is someone in the hop-hop music business getting their hands on this, or probably bid by a city dweller that is in ‘need’ to be recognised.

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WE Chronicle: ‘Bending Lamp’ by Ministry of Mass


Ministry of Mass, is a rising design collective that bring sustainable furnishings with the purpose of being long-lasting and multifaceted, to adapt to the contemporary lifestyle of city dwellers who are challenged with special inequality.

Their minimalist-yet-organic ‘Bending Lamp’ draws inspiration from nature, dangling much like a tree branch, also in resemblance of a light ornament falling effortless on the trim of a blue spruce.

The design reassures you that the device is persistent – “beech wood secured to a concrete base with a single steel connector and three bolts.” As it borrows essences of the two radical forms in design, the lamp complements practically any space, easily blending in with your cozy one-person living room, or next to the bed of your pre-schooled child.

Simple things make wonders.

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WE Select: Water Bench changes the cityscape of Mumbai


The impression of a megacity clogged with dust, terrible traffic jams and deafening horns is about to change as sustainability and citizen-friendly designs are popping up in Mumbai. Earlier this week, Mars Architects, a Dutch-Chinese research and design firm based in Shanghai that focused on sustainable architecture and urban planning, unveiled Water Benches now installed in several parks in the Indian metropolis.

Continue reading


WE Select: ‘Meld Wine’


Feeling a little clumsy at events holding a glass of wine whilst juggling to effortlessly glide into the crowd, trying hard to manage to shift hands and grab some business cards out of your bedazzled clutch? The ‘Meld Wine’ glass might solve and save us from those awkward scenarios. Inspired simply by the organic yet complex form of our bare hands and the interaction we have with the glass material, the design tries to acknowledge the linkage between the two. It literally imprints our generic hand gesture, as it fits to the users hand like a glove. Let’s applaud the Istanbul based creative agency Müzz for this rather better alternative, when it comes to those occasions that require mingling.

contemporaryErin Turkogluinteractive designistanbulmeld wineMelodi Bozkurtminimalistmuzz designproduct designwine glass

WE Select: Winnie Lamps


It is unsure why the Finland designer Nikolo Kerimov shifted her interest in beehives, which shaped the series of lamps. In my opinion, this could be perceived as more than a play of shape and form, but as an act, a symbol of the diminishing bee population across the globe, with new pesticides linked to mass deaths.

Different from its inspiration, the products are made of ceramic characterised by circular holes, which serve as a vent for the warm honey-coloured light. The insertion of cork-like caps gives an option of the light intensity.

The common factor it has with beehives would be its adaptability and versatility, as like how these mighty workers who live in them copes with the environment, the lamp shares the function, where it could either be showcased as a pendant light or as a lighting element to place on any horizontal surface.

As much as we might be drawn to these attractive light sets, it still would not come into par with the real thing. The importance of beehives and bees is more than what you may know of, as they play a key role in pollination. These little creatures might come off feisty and fierce, what they can produce is somewhat of a phenomenon. Imagine if natural honey became inaccessible in the near future, how many culinary delights would become just recipes. It would be devastation.


Images courtesy of Nikolo Kerimov & Lassi Häkkinen

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