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WE Curate: Josef Fischnaller

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Fischnaller fully collapses chronological distance. Much like photographers Vik Muniz, Cindy Sherman or painter Kehinde Wiley, his characters and constructions bring a self-reflective presence to the work and its subjects fusing the delightful luxury of charms and bobbles with the absurdity of motorcycles and cooked spaghetti.   Continue reading


WE Curate: Two words. ‘Air pollution’. How would you convey this?

Blindly celebrating vanity and pleasures is a brusque insult to the art of photography – which has always been an important lens to look at history, changes and civilisation. For ideas and thoughts should be elaborated without words, the organiser of WYNG Masters Awards in Hong Kong uttered only one thing as the theme of the year – AIR. Hence these many translations of it by these aspiring Hong Kong photographers.

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WE Chronicle: The new BALLY men

The word ‘charismatic’ naturally comes as BALLY AW14 menswear campaign grabs our attention. Continue reading

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David Lynch, Untitled (Lodz), 2000

WE Curate: David Lynch & his Factory Photographs

“I love industry. Pipes. I love fluid and smoke. I love man-made things. I like to see people hard at work, and I like to see sludge and man-made waste.”  - David Lynch

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An eight-panel screen made of huanghuali and semi-precious stone Northern China • Late 17th or Early 18th Century

WE Chronicle: Liang Yi Museum opens as Hong Kong’s rare antique sanctuary

Liang Yi Museum will soon unveil itself in February as Hong Kong’s first world-class private museum showcasing rare and precious antiques that reflect the East meets West culture of the city. Continue reading

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Red Star No. 20 (2009)

WE Curate: Red Men by Shi Li Feng

Famous for his Red Men Series, Shi Lifeng’s bold use of red men against greyed-out political images tells powerful stories of present struggles in China by representing the paradox between pain and happiness in life. Continue reading

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WE Select: Quantum tap kicks your wasteful water use habit

The seemingly endless supply of tap water is the greatest and most tragic innovation of civilisation, leaving urbanites ignorant about what wasteful their water use habit is. The Quantum tap designed by Michael Scherger and Dennis Kulage will totally help you make things right. Continue reading

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The Art of Carpet

It’s everywhere, silently lying at the bottom of a spectacular space. But these days carpets represent more than like a piece of deco; the traditional fine craft is art. And this fascinating video reveals why Tai Ping, a historic carpet company from Hong Kong, is a master of it. Continue reading