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WE Chronicle: Prada Real Fantasies F/W 2013

Prada_Real_Fantasies_FW13_1 Prada_Real_Fantasies_FW13_2 Prada_Real_Fantasies_FW13_3 Prada_Real_Fantasies_FW13_4
Imaginative, chromatic, dynamic – Prada introduces a sophisticated domestic imagery with the Real Fantasies F/W 2013 by AMO. Not like it is on a lofty stance, instead, it’s like an animated puzzle made of everyday scenes and recognizable daily elements, forming the film noir of commonness. Weaving in multiple interconnected stories, the collection explored issues from raw elegance to banal emotions. A film which you will see romance, stories of normal men and women, and life. For the first time, the inspiration from both men and women shows overlap to shape a distorted graphic universe. Check it out.
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F/W 2013Prada

WE Chronicle: Brand New Website and Two E-Shops


Everything’s going digital! Givenchy launches a brand new website followed by the opening of two mobile e-shops. Givenchy fans will surely embrace this new multi-layered digital approach – quick way to shop. Riccardo Tisci opted for a creative direction for the online experience, which focuses on clean graphics and architectural lines together with a visual and instinctive access. Continue reading


WE Chronicle: 3.1 Phillip Lim F/W 2013 SONOMAMA

PLim_FW13_Campaign_LOOK_01_DPS PLim_FW13_Campaign_LOOK_02_DPS

3.1 Phillip Lim launches their second advertising campaign for Fall 2013 with a film named SONOMAMA (そのままで). It means “as the way it is/as it is/ as the way you are/as you are”. The F/W 2013 Collection of 3.1 Phillip Lim embodies the nonchalant ease and eclectic style of partners, girlfriends and lovers of the racer generation – steadfast in their presence, as they truly are. 3.1 Phillip Lim’s designs are especially suitable for globaql citizens on the move. Their design is understated yet elegant, imbuing a strong sense of discovery.

Despite advertising purpose, SONOMAMA was created to reflect the spirit of the season. Filmed on location on the streets of Tokyo, the campaign proudly starred Japanese actresses – Kiko Mizuhara and Louis Simonon, the son of Clash’s guitarist Paul Simonon, as well as their eclectic tribe of friends. The Campaign also featured “Black Shadow”, a notorious Japanese rockabilly gang.

Young, vibrant and dynamic. Right after reading this article, watch the AD film exclusively at !


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3.1 Phillip LimadvertisementF/W 2013filmvideo

WE Chronicle: Bally New Papillon Collection


Combining the brand’s pioneering leatherwork techniques and functionality with the luxury, Bally’s new ‘Papillon’ collection is inspired by the brand’s heritage. The collection of three totes and two clutches is a luxurious interpretation of a complex cable stitch leatherwork motif from the 1940s. The new range will be the centrepieces of Bally’s Women’s Fall-Winter 2013 Accessories Collection, which will be launched in August 2013. Made from premium and exquisitely smooth calf leather, each bag features a finely cut and hand-moulded decoration. Though it is a simple look, what it demands are exceptional levels of detailed craftsmanship and outstanding expert skills.

With a unique and basket-like construction, the Papillon Tote comes with a detachable soft leather lining that can be used separately as a pouch. Another feature is that you can easily enlarge the tote by engaging clip buttons on either side of its opening. Finished off with gold clasps based on classic hardware treasures, the two supreme clutches come as a hard shell case with a handy strap, which are perfect for any occasion. 

The supremely luxurious clutches come as a hard shell case and are finished off with gold clasps based on classic hardware treasures also housed in the Bally archives.

Get rid of the plentiful colours for the hot summer and get yourself ready for the breezy fall! The new Papillon collection will undoubtedly become a must-have to create your unique mono-tone look.



Ballyblack and whiteclutchmonochromePapillontote
Thomas Jeppe

WE Curate: PRIMAVERA 2013

Primavera, an annual exhibition for young Australian artists aged 35 years or under. In memory of their daughter and sister Belinda, a talented jeweller who died at her 29, Dr. Edward Jackson AM and Mrs Cynthia Jackson AM initiated the exhibition in 1992. Primavera on one hand commemorates Belinda Jackson and on the other hand celebrates the creative achievements of talented young artists who are in the early stages of their careers. The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) unveils visionary pieces by the eight selected artists for the 22nd edition of Primavera during 12 September–17 November 2013 this year.

Curated by Robert Cook, the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Photography and Design at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the exhibition proudly features works by eight different young artists. Each of them has distinctive styles which will definitely make a wow-combination together. ‘To work with some of the most inspiring artists in the country, each on the cusp of becoming majorly recognised, is a dream. The sheer intensity of their material and conceptual practices takes my breath away. As a curator, it’s been a thrill ride. I reckon MCA visitors will be as impressed as me by the ambition and scale of the works,’ said Robert.

Of course, Primavera won’t be that successful if it has just one uniform theme. Instead, there are several themes including a moving investigation of romantic and family relationships, the creation of portals into fictional realms, a look at the role of language in the shaping of (and the breaking down of) the self and the ways sound shapes our physical and emotional worlds. All these are keen elements elements of life and attract you to have a glimpse of the young secret in the exhibition. These ideas are presented across multiple media like painting, wall painting, sculpture, photography, installation, ceramics, digital media, sound and performance. Afraid of getting bored? – No way.

Central to Primavera 2013, just at the North Gallery at Level 1 of the MCA, there is a series of direct responses to the exhibition space – Thomas Jeppe’s Vista Verticals (2013).Thomas Jeppe

It is a series of paintings that replicate the dimensions of the Level 2 lookout above the gallery’s entrance. Tudor Minimal (2013), his enormous wall installation transforms one of the walls into a 17-metre architectural front. Not only about the wall, right in the corner of the gallery, a domestic interior painting by Jess Johnson frames detailed pen drawings. A geometric carpet finishes off the work, converting it into a high-key cavity to another world. More to look into… Juz Kitson transforms another corner into a huge ceramic installation. Her exquisite porcelain pieces are so impressive, gathering mutant life forms which emerge from the wall and the ceiling of the gallery.

Jacqueline Ball

The eight photographs engaged with the floor and the wall of the gallery by Jacqueline Ball are tunnels connecting different realities.

Kusum Normoyle

A series of video works by Kusum Normoyle captures the artist screaming in public spaces.

In addition to these ‘purpose built’ gallery interventions are a further three equally arresting bodies of work: Brendan Huntley stages a face-off between 15 quirky sculptural heads presented on tables and 15 head paintings hung on the wall.

Jackson Eaton (1)

Jackson Eaton’s Better Half (2007–13) is a romantic series of photos documenting the relationship the artist and a young Korean woman.

Heath Franco (2)

Heath Franco presents three video works, TELEVISIONS (2013), YOUR DOOR (2011) and DREAM HOME (2012). Each one features a performance by Franco in a variety of costumes and backed by an array of bizarre special effects.

It’s time to refresh your mind with all these impressive artworks by the eight selected young artists!


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Anurag Basu

WEgether: Anurag Basu


When it comes to Indian movies, Bollywood songs and dances are definitely what pop up in people’s mind. “In India, music is part of our culture.” Yes, I still remember the first time my eyes met an Indian movie, Three Idiots - a vivid production with of endless dances and strong rhythms; and that movie says the same. Indian movies, however, are more than dancing and singing, Anurag Basu, the director of Barfi! – last year’s international blockbuster explains, “Bollywood is so much bigger than that. Indian movies are very broad. There are so many languages in the cinema. They are so unique that you have to taste it slowly.”

Parented by theatre artists, Basu grew up amidst the entertainment world; the influence of the upbringing on him is inevitable. Devoted their lives to the stage, Basu’s parents were keenly aware of all the dark sides of Indian cinema, and hence expressed discouragement when Basu, inspired by his father’s passion for movies, wanted to follow their craft. “I love what he does, I really love it.” He never dared to tell his parents his choice of career, which back then was nothing more than a hidden desire. As he waved farewell to school life, he decided to follow his heart and chase the dream.

Ashwariya Rai Bachchan performs at 10th IIFA Awards

His first take was Kucch Yo Hai (Something is there, 2003), yet in the middle of the production he left and let Anil V. Kumar took charge as the director.  A remake of  the Hollywood Horror I Know What You Did Last Summer, the romantic horror film was inspired by 1998 production Urban Legends. For it a massive promotional plan was launched and the box office was positive in debut – yet it failed commercially. Critic Taran Adarsh gave it a harsh comment: ‘A poor copy of the Hollywood flick I Know What You Did Last Summer, Kucch To Hai offers nothing much except a few chills and thrills’. Basu joined Vishesh Films where he directed his next three movies. Saaya‘s the box office fell short and was criticised for having a loose screenplay. “No, I was not giving up.” The road never seemed to be easy, but he never thought of going back. “I was not producing any of them. I directed them. The other thing was the company had faith on me.” His faith and passion motivated him to move forward and follow what he enjoyed to do.

When the question came to his career turning point, “the time when I got cancer” was all that shocked my ears. In 2004, when Basu was halfway through his film Tumsa Nahin Dekha, he was diagnosed with Leukemia and had to be immediately hospitalised. His doctor told him that he only had two more months to live. Though clouded by despair, Basu did not give up on his movie. For some time he even remote-directed the film on the hospital bed by giving instructions and discussing all technical issues and the scripts with his crew over the phone. “Now I am okay, don’t worry. But I consider being sick as my turning point here.”

Kites (2010)
Kites (2010)

After recovering, Basu decided to shoot with a different style and to create a different texture for his movies. He started to dig in themes of dark passion and adultery, which led him success. The 2004 thriller Murder triumphed at several leading award ceremonies by winning the Award for Technical Excellence – Best Song Recording, the Popular Award – Best Lyricist from the Awards of the International Indian Film Academy, the Filmfare Award – Beset Playback Singer – Male and R.D. Burman Award from Filmfare Wards. Life in a Metro (2007) got another 8 awards and 12 nominations.

When Kites, a 2010 romance film, hit the silver screen, it was the largest Bollywood release in North America to that time, and Kevin Thomas, film critic of the LA Times, commented: “In its telling, the love story draws from westerns, musicals, film noir, chase thrillers with stunts so preposterous they verge on parody — and it gets away with everything because of Basu’s visual bravura and unstinting passion and energy.”

Barfi!, the latest film of Basu, opened with plentiful positive reviews. It was also well received at Busaan Film Festival 2012. Good news come in pairs, it was also named India’s official entry to the Oscars. It registered a powerful box office collection in its opening week by earning Rs. 58.6 crore. It is undoubtedly a milestone of Basu’s career. Nevertheless, he never expected such an international wow. “No, I never really thought about earning money. I have no idea why all these happened either.” Barfi!‘s success comes from his passion, believing what he did was the right thing to do.

Barfi! (2012)
Barfi! (2012)

Basu’s movies are highly acclaimed to be different from all other traditional Bollywood ones, yet, this Indian film master said there was no secret behind the scene. In other way, everyone has the key on hand, it all depends on you, whether you are willing to spend it – time. “You have to spend time, spend a year, or even more. Do what you love, otherwise it’ll be boring. Enjoy making something different.” Of course, no fun if everybody’s doing the same thing. Someone ought to jump out of the zone, make changes and inspire. “I am part of the audience too, and I wouldn’t like to repeat myself. I make movies that I want to watch.”

Navigating multiple identities, such as film and television advertisement director, actor, screenwriter and producer, Basu feels comfortable in all the ways. If he has to pick one favourite, he loves the label of screenwriter most. “I love writing, I enjoy writing scripts a lot. I can truly reveal messages I want to tell.” In a market where personal interest outweighs the commercial market, “all kinds of movies are popular,” he comments. “We don’t have to think too much about the market. We don’t have to consider the commercial box office.”

From a green director to a famous and well-known director, Basu has come a very long way. No big secret behind his success but a life motto: inhaling life and exhaling cinema. “Be humble and love what you do.” so well said by this man, experienced failure but kept trying, trying so hard just to follow his heart and believe in himself.

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Sunflower Wire Drop Earrings

WE Desire: Sunflower Collection by Harry Winston

It’s summer time finally. Sunshine, beach, tank tops and what else? WE  say sunflowers.  Sunflowers symbolise faith, hope and more importantly, positive energy. Wrmth, happiness and adoration. The House of Harry Winston introduces a variation of their Sunflower Collection which is perfect to shine in this hot summer.

Sunflower Wire Drop Earrings Sunflower Three Stone Drop Earrings

Through a line of modern daytime jewels such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, the Harry Winston Sunflower Collection re-imagines this sunny silhouette and transforms it into different styles. Capturing the lively spirit, the new collection assumes a fresh floral form with an extended series of glittering diamond pendants. Eye-catching enough, the design features a round brilliant diamond stone at the centre and it is meticulously framed by a halo of eight smaller diamonds. Who doesn’t want this perfect three dimensional bloom to shine with her in summer?


Sunflower Stud Earrings Sunflower Pendant

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Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Paper Rain Parade

WE Chronicle: The very first edition of Art Basel HK

Art Basel | Hong Kong 2013 | Impression

May, what a month! Apart from Le French May, the popular annual arts festival held in Hong Kong and Macau, this year we were so pleased to have the first edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong. Art Basel had finally disembarked in Hong Kong, which was a good news to every art lovers. Arousing rounds of applause and praise, Art Basel Hong Kong’s first edition was a great success. Continue reading

Art Baselexhibitionshow