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WEgether: Jesse Jo Stark

Daughter of Chrome Hearts’ founders, Jesse Jo Stark leads a young rock life. Venice Lau talks to her on music and fashion. 


She is always spotlighted as a muse, a musician, an artist and a designer in various media. She loves music. As a singer and songwriter, she naturally finds music as the outlet for her expression. She also loves fashion. Photos of her by famed photographer, Gilles Bensimon were featured on Elle at her early teens.

She is Jesse Jo Stark, daughter of Chrome Hearts moguls, Laurie Lynn and Richard Stark. She grew up with an extraordinary background where her childhood was surrounded by an environment that fostered creative expression. “My parents influence me in all aspects of my life. Whether watching my mom getting ready in the morning or my dad giving a tour at the factory, I am always listening. I’m just like them.” Her family is all about the rock culture that posed a great influence to her later career. “But I’m more of a daddy’s girl rather than a rebellious one.”


Now turning to her twenties, Jesse Jo is creating her own original place in design and music. True to her music, she has a distinct preference in music ranging from country to punk to rock. She also has a gifted talent that lines her up with notable musicians such as Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and Duff McKagen of Guns N’ Roses. Under their guidance and through collaboration, Jesse Jo began writing and recording her own songs under her own record.

Music and fashion have an unbreakable relationship and she is an exceptional young artist that inherited bonds to the two. To her, there is no fashionista who does not love music. “Since I can remember, music and design are my two true loves but I also find self expression in many forms.” Chunky rings, considerable amount of accessories, patch-dyed long hair, leather, punk and rock inspired wardrobe are the signature of the music and fashion icon. “Miss Lanna Lyon is forever my muse. In my dreams, the Bride of Frankenstein is my mentor.” Her unique style of playfulness and imaginative coolness captivate tribes of fashion and culture followers.

Jesse Jo’s first official mark on the fashion world was the collection titled ‘Pete Punk for Chrome Hearts’ in 2010. “It was my first contribution as a young one ‘officially’ for Chrome Hearts. The name came from the nick name my dad gave me since I was little.” True to her passion in music, this collection was inspired by references of the punk era. “It isn’t so much the meaning of the word ‘Punk’. However, at the time I was strongly influenced by that era and I wanted to also pay tribute to my darling blue, Steve Jones, Duff Mckagen and of course the “long neck” dino.”


The Pete Punk collection debuted exclusively at Colette in Paris in 2010, which made a huge splash in the fashion and music world. Apart from rock-style accessories like chunky rings, spiky bracelets, clutches with embroidered crosses, the collection also featured leather jackets, tees and sneakers as well as her beloved ‘long neck’ spiky leather dinosaur, all true to Chrome Hearts’ signature heavy rock style. Her second collection Pete Punk II – heavily studded bags and jewellery, rocked on the runway during Paris Fashion Week in Fall 2011.

Fashion and music has no boundary and Jesse Jo Stark cleverly plays with her creativity to apply these two elements in her designs. Her bold and daring style is truly reflected in her design and music. She never covers up her emotions and is outspoken. To her, liberty is worth fighting for, because it is the only thing that frees one’s mind.

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