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The Art of Carpet

It’s everywhere, silently lying at the bottom of a spectacular space. But these days carpets represent more than like a piece of deco; the traditional fine craft is art. And this fascinating video reveals why Tai Ping, a historic carpet company from Hong Kong, is a master of it.

Whilst Persia persists in the style of their historic artistry, Tai Ping as a reputable brand serving leading businesses like hotels and restaurants,┬ámaintains the heritage while also constantly introducing breakthroughs that redefine its very own art of carpet. What fascinates us most is how Tai Ping explores the possibilities of carpet by collaborating with artists and designers like Chen Chen & Kai William, PHUNK from Singapore, and Gaelle Villedary. Let’s look at these carpets as if they are on the canvas.

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Image sources: Tai Ping Carpets

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