WE Chronicle: Iris van Herpen embodies wilderness



Iris van Herpen does not just move a step forward, but rather attempt to take a leap of faith. Her designs are more than quirky, has a idiosyncratic twist to each piece, playing with the body, not necessarily accentuating the subject as a compliment of the human form.

For her most recent haute couture collection showcased in Paris, titled ‘Wilderness Embodied’, she pondered on nature, both within us and our surroundings. She test ran and applied not just prominent three-dimensional printing techniques to realise her ideas, but introduced natural phenomenon like magnetism, an essential core to our existence, linking closely to gravity, a process that only became feasible with the major assistance of architect Isaie Bloch, and additive manufacturing company Materialise.

Though she dabbed upon complex materials, her execution still remains appealing, trying to balance the limit of our acceptance, yet inviting us to believe more than what are exposed to. She knows very well, where the grey line sits, and how to play it in her advantage. Herpen is more than a designer, for sure, as she does not just solves a problem, but arouses you to stimulate.

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