Pomellato 2013 ADV Campaign - Tango, Tilda Swinton by Solve Sundsbo

WE Desire: Pomellato

Pomellato 2013 ADV Campaign - Nudo, Tilda Swinton by Solve Sundsbo

This is not just a reputable Italian brand that sells luxurious jewellery; it is a label that speaks to women in the modern time.  There is a reason why Pomelatto has grown to become the fourth largest jeweller in Europe. It doesn’t only come down to their great array of styles, which caters to every occasion. It is more to do with their meticulous attention to craftsmanship. The terminology does not refer to the decorative side of the craft, but more on the execution of each individual design. We are most impressed with their manner of setting stones, with the invention of the irregular pave, and nonetheless, their love for colour, epitomised by the iconic Nudo ring.

Pomellato 2013 ADV Campaign - Tango, Tilda Swinton by Solve Sundsbo


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