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Born in Shanghai, China in 1980, Yang Yongliang received training in painting and calligraphy at an early age  for over a decade before translating those skills into digital and video art. The artist still lives and works in his native  city.  Yang  Yongliang’s  unique  reinterpretation  of  China  modern  cities  has  already  earned  him  unweaving  international  attention;  at  the  age  of  32,  his  works  are  included  in  prestigious  museums  and  private  collections  including  The  British  Museum  in  London   UK),  White  Rabbit  Collection  in  Sydney   Austrialia),  National  Gallery  of  Victoria  in  Melbourne   Australia),  the  Sigg  collection  in  Switzerland  and  the  DSL collection based in Paris/Shanghai. His works are further explored to the international art world through  the  numerous  solo  and  group  exhibitions  in  major  cities  such  as  Beijing,  Seoul,  Milan,  Paris,  San  Francisco,  Melbourne  and  New  York.  He  was  a  finalist  of  the  Sovereign  Asian  Art  Prize  in  2010  and  awarded  the  Discovery Award by the prestigious Les Rencontres d’Arles Photographie in France in 2009.

yang-yongliang-silent-valley-a-snake-and-grenade-edition-of-8-led-light-box-or-giclee-print-on-paper-66-x-118-cm-2012-hr- yang-yongliang-silent-valley-a-wolf-and-landmines-edition-of-8-led-light-box-or-giclee-print-on-paper-66-x-132-cm-2012-hr- yang-yongliang-silent-valley-a-scorpion-and-missile-edition-of-8-led-light-box-or-giclee-print-on-paper-66-x-118-cm-2012-hr-

Yang Yongliang’s exhibition¬†Moonlit Metropolis at Schoeni on Old Bailey Street, Hong Kong.
April 19th¬†‚Äď May 31st¬†2013

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