LFW Chronicles: London College of Fashion MA Show

Creativity, innovation, inspiration: these are the words WE like to associate with fashion, and these are the words that came into my mind at London College of Fashion debut show. The ten collections showcased by the college,  for the first time as part of Fashion Week,  were realised by some of its most recent MA graduate students, all of them young and talented.

The show opened with Maddalena Mangialavori’s womenswear collection, a well mixed combination between her Italian heritage, expressed through high quality textiles, materials and craftsmanship, and English classic style.

Maddalena Mangialavori

The second designer, Na Di, presented a menswear collection bursting with vivid colours and clashing prints. The strong contrast between streetstyle elements, like baseball hats and bomber jackets, cropped trousers and neatly tailored jackets gave a urban spin to the pieces.

Na Di

Nadia Scullion’s collection was at the opposite side of the spectrum. Here the focus was on delicate pastel tones and light, fluttering dresses embellished with silicone details.  All the pieces were paired up with chunky sneakers and frilled socks, for a final edgy touch.

Nadia Scullion
Nadia Scullion

Following, Octo Cheung presented an hybrid between a serious intellectual and a crazy scientist who likes to wear suits, but with shorts trousers, elegant silk scarves and neat  sweaters. All wearable clothes, but not ordinary ones.

Octo Cheung
Octo Cheung

Back to womenswer and back to pastel tones. Each piece of Min Wu’s collection combined the colour white with degrading tones of blue, violet, yellow or pink, creating a delicate and light effect on her fluttering pieces.

Min Wu
Min Wu

For Antonia Lloyd’s ideal man, or better, guy, the struggle between comfort and elegance does not exist. He can simply embrace both at the same time, alternating backpacks, printed shorts and bright-coloured suits.

Antonia Lloyd

Sian Davis’ womenswear collection put the accent on white and beige, combining clear lines and strong shapes.

Sian Davies

Yi Xie presented a collection that suited a more feminine, self-confident and grown-up woman compared with the ones from her fellow designers. The strong silhouettes and vivid colours also contributed to make the point: not everyone wants to wear pastels.

Yi Xie

The last menswear collection was Xin Sun’s mix of grunge and military influences. Utility jackets and combat boots were paired up with wide-brimmed hats and wide-leg trousers.

Xin Sun

The final collection showcased was Keiko Nishiyama’s womenswear, an explosion of flower-printed dresses, trousers and shirts which beautifully hinted at English gardens and a magical, natural world.


Keiko Nishiyama

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